Academic Singles

At a glance

  • ✔️ Extensive personality test and scientific matching system
  • ✔️ Millions of users online all the time (from all over the world)
  • ✔️ Most of the members have IMPRESSIVE academic backgrounds
  • ✔️ Extremely high reply rate from other members  
  • ❌ Lengthy registration process
  • ❌ Not suitable for a young audience (<30)



Do you find a wonderful personality more attractive than a pretty face?

Academic Singles is the definition of a premium dating site. Millions of registered users all around the world are going online every day in order to find a loving relationship. We’re talking about a dating site that is filled with intellectuals and generally well-educated people that haven’t been able to find the love of their lives until now. If you are attracted to a great personality much more than just a pretty face and body, this is the site for you. 

Scientific matching system to find you the partner of your dreams

In order to match you with likeminded singles, Academic Singles uses an extensive questionnaire that acts as a personality test. This test comes completely free of charge and is the first thing that you’ll be required to do after submitting your email and password. The test has no wrong answers and it is designed in such a way that it depicts your personality, dreams, and aspirations. At the end of the test, a personality score is calculated for your profile, based on every single one of your answers.

After that, the algorithm compares your answers to all the other profiles on Academic Singles and recommends those that are closer to you. Isn’t that impressive? It’s like having the ability to bypass the difficult process of getting to know someone and having to find out if he’s “the one” for you. So it’s extremely important to take the test seriously and answer its question carefully. Think of it this way: Every honest answer that you give gets you a step closer to your other half. And I’m not even joking right now!

Premium profile quality amongst registered users

So the first thing that catches your attention in Academic Singles is obviously the personality test. But what’s even more impressive is the quality of the registered profiles in there. The site isn’t called Academic Singles for no reason. The big majority of the members have university degrees and have already climbed the career ladder.

Most of them are in the 35-59 age range, so Academic Singles is ideal if you’re looking for someone in that range. If not, don’t worry. There are always exceptions to this rule and we have encountered both younger and older members while browsing the site. 

Your safety is the first priority

It’s possible that you’ve heard the rumors about the numerous fake profiles and scams lurking in a lot of dating sites. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that in Academic Singles. We’re talking about a multi-million company behind this dating site, while Academic Singles boasts millions of active users every day all around the world, and I’m not even exaggerating on the numbers. The site uses all the latest technology to ensure that your chats are 100% secure and private.

Moreover, each and every profile registering every day is verified by a group of moderators, and every suspicious profile is permanently banned. So what you need to do is to actually don’t forget to verify your email, because if not, you are in danger of being banned yourself! If you are still concerned about your details’ confidentiality, you can always change which of them are public to every member.

Bonus Tip: Go for the longer membership plans

For starters, Academic Singles offers a 100% FREE registration! This includes the FULL personality test! It might sound too good to be true, but this is the reality. Even if you’re not really interested in chatting with a potential partner, you can simply take the free scientific personality test out of curiosity and check your results for free. You can also upload your profile photo and start browsing other profiles. If you want to take it to the next level and start communicating with other members, you need to subscribe (at a very reasonable price).

As a rule of thumb, remember this: if you can afford a longer membership, go for it! It’s actually a lot cheaper per month and as it turns out about 70% of new subscribers prefer the longer plans. And if you’re still convinced, Academic Singles offers a FREE contract extension to your subscription if you haven’t exchanged messages with at least 10 different members during this time. Just wow. 

Final Verdict

Academic Singles ABSOLUTELY stands out in the crowded field of dating sites in 2020: 

  • – A bunch of serious, interesting members looking for love
  • – An incredibly well-designed personality test
  • – An extremely active community with millions of members
  • – A 100% safe environment for your personal data

These are basically all the ingredients that you need from a dating site. Don’t miss the chance to register now for FREE and find the love of your life before it’s too late.