True Life Partner

At a glance

  • ✔️ Senior-exclusive online dating community
  • ✔️ 100% Free Signup and Personality test
  • ✔️ Compatibility feature that matches you with others automatically!
  • ✔️ No security leaks, flawless user verification system
  • ✔️ Free extension of VIP membership until a successful match
  • ❌ Users under 40 years of age are not allowed



True love meets no borders when it comes to age and True Life Partner is here to prove it! 

If you’ve come to a point where you’re about to give up on meeting your special someone, don’t quit just yet. Developing a strong, loving bond with another person can be a tricky business. Some are lucky enough to find it at a relatively young age. Others have to be more patient. If you feel like there’s not much patience left in you, consider yourself lucky to be reading this. Why is that? Because we’ll take a closer look at the most premium online dating platform for seniors! So, what’s the deal with True Life Partner?

A carefully designed registration process that leaves no room to difficulties 

Having multi-year experience in the online dating industry, the company behind True Life Partner has one and only true goal. To provide a high-level platform where singles who have reached their prime can finally find true love! Looking at the countless success stories of True Life Partner members from all around the world, that’s exactly what they’ve achieved!

It all begins at the signup process. Things are so straightforward that even those who lack technological knowledge will be able to keep up. It all comes down to 3 very simple steps:

  • 1. Click on the Free Signup button
  • 2. Fill in your gender, your email and determine your password for your True Life Partner profile
  • 3. Open your email and verify your subscription

It’s not that hard, isn’t it? If you follow these simple instructions you’re one step closer to meeting your perfect match! And I should not forget to mention that you are not asked to pay a single penny in order to proceed. Keep in mind though that in order to become a legitimate member you need to be at least 40 years old. This is an online dating community exclusively for seniors and they want to keep it that way.

Taking the personality test and finding compatible members. Matchmaking at its best

Unlike most dating sites out there, after logging in you’re not just thrown in an ocean of profiles, waiting for the magic to happen. The creators of True Life Partner have developed a user-friendly questionnaire through which you provide information about who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what kind of relationship you’re looking for, what are your dreams etc. This comes in the form of a personality test, it’s really easy to fill and it helps you build your profile before having to go through this boring process manually!

What’s really unique about True Life Partner is that this questionnaire’s purpose doesn’t end at just filling your information. However, their highly sophisticated algorithm processes your data and compares it to other members’ answers in order to help you find what you’re looking for. When the processing is done, you get a bunch of recommendations of potential matches, accompanied by a Compatibility Score as they call it. The higher the Compatibility score, the more your answers matched with the ones of the corresponding member.

Did you realize what just happened? Take a step back and think through it. You signed up for Free to a website, you took a fun personality test and all of sudden you have numerous potential matches in which you have a pretty high chance of meeting your next companion to a long-term loving adventure! I wouldn’t waste my time with second thoughts if I were you.

Wait! There’s more! Find out about the privileges of premium members! 

If you start getting familiar with the platform, soon enough you’ll want to take it a step further and discover all the amazing features that this gem has to offer! Becoming a premium member comes at a monthly price which varies depending on the length of membership. The more months you subscribe for, the less becomes this monthly rate. Honestly, at these prices, I would definitely go full premium if I were you. Let’s see what you get if decide to do that:

  • 1. Send and receive unlimited messages with all members
  • 2. Unlock all photos of other members and see who’s online
  • 3. Add Contacts to “Favorite” list
  • 4. See who’s online at any time of the day
  • 5. Use awesome “Is it Love at first Like?” feature with picture voting

Are you still thinking about it? Wait till you hear the cherry on top. True Life Partner has so much confidence in its methods that allows them to “guarantee success”. They promise all Premium Members, no matter the length of subscription, a minimum of 10 partner recommendations. If you have exchanged personal messages with less than 10 different people, they will extend your Premium Membership for Free! If you feel like giving a standing ovation, I can totally relate to you.

Final Verdict

If you are at least 40 years old and haven’t met your other half, it’s probably because they’re waiting for you at True Life Partner!

  • – Only premium dating community with prime of life singles exclusively
  • – Compatibility matching at its best
  • – Totally secure environment so that you’re protected at all times
  • – A bunch of great features for both free and premium members

Either a woman or a man (even in this aspect there’s no mistake, the platform has close to 50-50 gender distribution), True Life Partner has found the secret ingredient that will make your love life sparkle once again! Register now for free and let the experts do the rest!